DabTabs – Super Lemon Kush (3 pack)

//DabTabs – Super Lemon Kush (3 pack)

DabTabs – Super Lemon Kush (3 pack)


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THC: 65.39%

C4 Distro
Brand Name
65.39 %

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Super Lemon Kush crosses two notable cannabis strains to create a flavorful burst of lemony OG Kush that is sweet and earthy. A 60/40 indica-dominant hybrid of Super Lemon Haze and Captain Krypt OG, Super Lemon Kush produces relaxing body effects that are balanced by the uplifting and energetic sativa influence of Haze genetics. Its taste and aroma carry a strong citrus note that is entangled with tones of spicy pepper and pungent diesel fuel. Its complex terpene profile and heavy resin production make Super Lemon OG an excellent choice for producing top-notch concentrates.

DabTabs™ dablets are a brand new revolutionary way to consume cannabis concentrates and extracts providing less waste and better taste. DabTabs™ dablets offer a clean, easy, convenient way to vaporize cannabis concentrates/extracts while retaining the full-flavor, full-spectrum of the plant without combustion. DabTabs™ dablets are made from a natural mineral-based porous ceramic, which is engineered to hold a specific volume of concentrate/extract. The material is completely inert and has been certified to NSF/ASTM 61 as a media pure enough to be used in drinking water filtration.