DabTabs – Super Lemon Kush (20 packs)

//DabTabs – Super Lemon Kush (20 packs)

DabTabs – Super Lemon Kush (20 packs)


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THC: 65.39%

C4 Distro
Brand Name
65.39 %

*Amounts are average individual item may vary.


DabTabs™ dablets are a brand new revolutionary way to consume cannabis concentrates and extracts providing less waste and better taste. DabTabs™ dablets offer a clean, easy, convenient way to vaporize cannabis concentrates/extracts while retaining the full-flavor, full-spectrum of the plant without combustion. DabTabs™ dablets are made from a natural mineral-based porous ceramic, which is engineered to hold a specific volume of concentrate/extract. The material is completely inert and has been certified to NSF/ASTM 61 as a media pure enough to be used in drinking water filtration.